A social learning platform for the 21st century.


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Join fellow teachers and students in an exciting and social learning journey,
focused on your content and your discussions.

Designed for optimal teacher-student synchronicity.

At home, on the go and in the classroom.


As a teacher, you can orchestrate the optimal sequence of material, whereever it is stored, for a single lesson, a workshop or for the full semester.

You can add learning objectives, assignments, social discussions, get inspired by your peers lessonplans, and ensure that your students are up to speed with latest classroom changes and curriculum.


Lessonlane makes your day focused and connected to the stuff you need to process, the classes you need to attend and the assignments you need to produce.

Instead of multiple tools and documents, Lessonlane gives you the overview of the next lesson objective, related material and discussion in one view.

Create Context

A textbook in Lessonlane is not static, it's alive. Latest editions, versions of documents, sites, videos and even discussions are included - up to date, 24-7.

Teachers and students can easily illustrate and collaborate on the context of the lesson, augmenting the process of learning, building context and create new knowledge.

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